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Why a Windshield Repair Is So Much Better Than a Replacement 

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Wherever you need to go, your car gets you there but what will happen if it’s not safe to drive when you got your windshield damaged? It doesn’t require much for a windshield to get chipped or cracked. Just a tiny pebble that is kicked up on the highway can do it, and just a vibration when driving or a dramatic change in temperature can spread the damage across your windshield. Once this happens, your safety in your car is compromised.

Windshield Repair

And the fact that your windshield is supposed to account about half of the cabin’s structural integrity if you will get on a front-end crash but if its damaged, it can’t do it. Before the damage spread on your windshield and put you at risk, you have to have it fixed.

But is it better to replace the entire windshield or just repair the damage?

The answer is depending on the type of damage your windshield has, if the damage is large enough or it has penetrated the layer that sits in the middle of the two pieces of glass that made up a windshield, you probably would not be able to repair it. There are lots of people with a damaged windshield that can still be repaired but insist that the whole thing shall be replaced. Before this situation happens to you, check these reasons why it is better to have a windshield repair than a replacement.

Repair is Cheaper

Removing the old damaged windshield and installing a new one will take time and, in this job, time is money. Getting a windshield replaced requires a lot of labor and parts involved than having an Auto Glass Repair that’s why it is always more expensive in doing a replacement than a repair.

The Original Factory Seal Remains Intact

Before your car is brought to the showroom, the manufacturer creates a special seal in your windshield so that excess air and moisture will not leak inside, as long as the seal is intact, condensation on the windshield is not an issue and that is a lot safer.

But on a replaced windshield where the seal is eliminated, the shop doesn’t have the same perfect condition as the original factory did, therefore they can’t guarantee that the new windshield is as air-tight as your old ones were.

And in a windshield repair, technicians won’t have to remove it. They simply fix the damaged part right on the spot, this means that your original factory seal stays intact, firmly intact. 

Increase the Cosmetic Appearance

When there is a big crack on your windshield or just a chip in it, it may be hard to believe that your windshield can look new again but if you have the right repair team of experts in windshield, although repairs will not totally disappear but it will become like close to new again. That is because expert technician knows how to instill resin into the break so that the appearance of the damage will be reduced and the most important is that properly injecting this resin will keep the damage from spreading.

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