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What to Look for When Shopping for a Towing Vehicle

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Believe it or not, there are several types of towing vehicles out there. And shopping for one will entail a number of considerations as well. In addition to that, you also have to think about the vehicle you will be hauling, what its weight is, and its gross weight when it is fully loaded. You also need to consider the trailer and its capabilities.

Here are some things you need to look for when shopping for a towing vehicle:

The Towing Capacity

This is the maximum weight that the towing vehicle can handle. The manufacturer sets this in order to tell potential buyers what the load limit is. This should be the first thing you need to check with the manufacturer or sales management. After all, you are towing a vehicle or other heavy equipment.

The Vehicle’s Wheelbase

There are two axles in a towing vehicle. The front axle and the rear axle. The wheelbase is the distance between these two. It is crucial for stability and control. The longer the wheelbase, the slimmer the chance of the trailer bearing down the rear axle while hoisting the front one.

Its Curb Weight

The curb weight is the weight when the towing vehicle’s fuel tank is full, and the vehicle itself is not loaded with consignments, shipments, or passengers. This is important to note because presently, fuel efficiency is more important than ever. This is why vehicles are manufactured to be lighter but strong enough to haul heavy trailers.

Its Transmission

There are only two types of transmission ever on a vehicle – automatic and manual. And everyone’s opinion differs. An automatic will not give you worries about shifting especially when you are towing heavy trailers and instead concentrate more on safe driving.

The Drive System of the Vehicle

It is important to know if a towing vehicle is 2×4, or 4×4 and if it has a rear-wheel drive or all-wheel one. It is best to get one that has a rear-wheel drive because when you are towing, the motor’s force is oriented to the axle that carrying the most weight. A front-wheel drive tends to forget about the rear and the weight it has.

Its Chassis Design

A towing vehicle’s chassis is different from cars and vans. Trucks and SUVs have a chassis the shape of a ladder which gives them the strength to effectively tow. Cars have a unibody design where the force is stressed on the body itself which don’t make them a good choice for towing. They aren’t built to do such a job.

The Tow Package

A tow package will allow for better brakes, suspension, a transmission that gives more power to the drive wheels, and a bigger radiator.

Towing vehicles can be expensive. It is a good idea to invest on if you have quite a few things to tow over a course of time if not all of the time. But if you don’t need things towed regularly, you can always call for professional services such as Baldivis towing.

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